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Safety is our top priority! Please make sure to follow these steps to help ensure your safety while on the job site. 

1. Before arriving to the job site please make sure you are dressed to work. Including: Closed toed shoes, pants, work gloves. If you have long hair please make sure it's tied back.

2. Before arriving to the job site please take our free online safety course.http://hfhaffiliateinsurance.com/volunteers/ This will help us to know that you have an understanding of the safety precautions on site. 

3 . Make sure you have read and signed our release and waiver form before starting any work on the job site. If you have not signed a form you may not work on site. To receive a form please contact our office @ 716-285-2877 or at the job site. 

4. Make sure you have received a safety briefing from our crew leaders each day before work begins. 

Again if you do not feel comfortable with any task you may be given please let us know right away. We want to make sure everyone is safe and also having a good time.