Be a Homeowner

Habitat for Humanity is a non-for-profit Christian ministry that believes everyone should have a decent, affordable place to live. Whatever racial, ethnic or religious background you come from, we welcome your application. The program is a partnership between you as a prospective homeowner and the Habitat organization, and is not a charity.

Advantages of becoming a Habitat homeowner

  • Habitat houses are well-built
  • Houses are sold at cost - Habitat does not make any profit
  • Habitat houses cost less than commercially built or renovated houses - many materials are donated and labor is volunteered
  • Habitat charges NO interest on the mortgage
  • Monthly mortgage payments are between 15% and 20% of a family's gross annual income and include property taxes and homeowners' insurance

How does a family qualify?

The family must be able to manage house and utility payments and still have enough money left over to live on.

The family's annual income must be:

  • At least $20,000 for a renovated house
  • A least $33,600 for a newly built house
  • Income should not exceed the following guidelines, but individual circumstances may be taken into account:
Family Size Max Annual Income
2 $31,740
3 $35,700
4 $39,660
5 $42,840
6 $46,020
7 $49,200
8 $52,380
  • If a family's income is too large and the family could get a conventional mortgage from a bank, the Habitat program is not appropriate for that family
  • The family must be willing to live in the County of Niagara
  • The family may be receiving food stamps, Medicaid, SSI, SSD, and certain other social benefits.
  • Any legal judgments against the family must be cleared up before homeownership.
  • The family must be able to manage any debt that it has.
  • If the applicant(s) has gone through bankruptcy, at least three years must have elapsed since the discharge of the bankruptcy.
  • After being selected, the family must be willing to earn 500 hours of "sweat equity" as a partner with Habitat.

What exactly is sweat equity?

  • "Sweat equity" means labor put in at construction sites where family members age 16 or older work together with volunteers to build or renovate houses.
  • Habitat teaches all the necessary skills.
  • Friends and relatives can put in as many as 200 of the 500 hours required.
  • Hours can also be earned by attending Habitat workshops or by an educational achievement.

Family Partnership Application

Click here for our Family Partnership Application.  Print a copy, complete and sign the application, then mail it to:

Niagara Area Habitat for Humanity
1824 Main Street
Niagara Falls, NY  14305